Monday, February 22, 2016

Photo Bomb

Since we have added the three G's, Gabbie, Gracie, and Gurtie, I never quite know what to expect.  Taking picture of our menagerie was tricky enough, but now it is almost impossible to not be photo bombed every time.

I was trying for a picture of all the little piggies lined up at the feeder.  At least that is what they always remind me of.

                                  But I ended up with nosey ole Gabbie photo bombing as usual.


  1. But Gabbie is so cute! All of our animals act like little pigs too. Poppy says I feed them too much.

  2. I worry about not feeding enough. LOL, especially since they are all most likely pregnant. Lambing time is coming in a few short weeks. Then the fun really begins!