Saturday, January 5, 2013

Carding, Spinning, and Repairs

I straightened up and  updated my carding area today.  It sets at one end of our family 
room.  I just love this area.  I can work, mess, and piddle about while I listen to some of our favorite music, watch something on Netflix, or just be around my family.  My spinning wheel sets at the other end of the room.

Most of the items that I like most about it are things that I've found around the farm, like the window frame,crate, and old box that are hanging above the table that we found at an antique mall.

Under the table I store fiber in a basket that we brought home from our years on the mission field.  There is also a wooden crate from the days when this old farm was a working dairy.  Its dated 7-58.  There is also my favorite old metal crate which is marked 

This Case
 Protected by
Pinkerton's Nat'l Detective Agency INC

A couple of years ago our locale middle school was burned down through an act of arson.  At the time Hubby and Oldest Son were looking for a little extra income  and were able to spend a few days working for the insurance company that was cleaning what was left of the building.  They were offered various items if they wanted them.  This old office chair came from the Shop Class.  I bet it was there back when I was in school.  

We have been using it, but today I decided to finally cover the seat with a piece of upholstery fabric that I had had given to me ages ago .  Well things never go as easily as you expect them to, but I got it done with some help from the kids.    I think it will have to be redone and a new bottom eventually cut out of plywood, but at least it looks better than it did.  It more comfy too.  Doesn't it look nice next to my new Amos rug?


One last picture.  I've been back to spinning.  This is some Merino-x with just a smidge of alpaca thrown in.  It should be enough for for sweater.  I'll have to see if I keep it or put it up for sale on Etsy.

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