Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Jacket  Repairs

Its been a while since everyone has had their jackets repaired.  Its amazing how hard these guys can be on their clothes.  Sometimes I think I spend more time sewing for them than I ever did for the children when they were little.  Part of that has been that I've been learning just how I want to make our jackets and just what kind of fabric works well.  I've ended up using material that I picked up at a military surplus store.  It was very inexpensive and sturdy.  I spliced some together with some camouflage that I already had tried.  I didn't want it to go to waist, and I think it looks sorta nice, esp on Amos and Horrible.
Left to right they are: Clementine, Amos, Hazel (peeking out from behind), Ethel, and Horrible.
Hopefully this Spring there will be more.  
I also think its only fair to show you the other end of the family room where I often set and spin, knit, or sew.  (I also do try to ride my stationary bike frequently)  Its not near as neat looking as the carding area shown in the last post, but someday............  Right?  There is always someday.  One of my goals for this year is to get a nice bookshelf or cabinet for this area. 

This is neat looking though. 

For our 27th wedding anniversary Hubby bought me a new wedding band.  I hadn't been able to get my other band on since late this Summer or early Fall.  I accidentally fell while out helping him build fence for the sheep, and ran a nail through my ring finger right at the knuckle.  Since we had had our other rings custom made they couldn't be re-sized.  I've never been very much into bling.  This is actually the first diamonds I've ever owned, but I do think I like it.  After 27 years with a very loving husband, I'm am grateful, and truly blessed. 

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  1. Very fun to see your pictures on here