Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Dream Room

Since there has been a lull in lambing I've been busy setting up my new sewing room. Our youngest moved to CA Wednesday to join her husband who is out there in the military. Since then I have been busy repainting her room and setting it up as my sewing/spinning room. I still have much to do, but it's been a good project to keep me busy. I am going to add a design wall to the right of the sewing machine.  So far all the furniture in here has been salvaged, gifted, or purchased at thrift stores. I figured up I have less than 100$ into all of it. YAY! It's my dream room.

I made a collage from an old 1933 sewing magazine that I found at an antique store and framed it in an old poster frame with a couple of sheets of pattern paper under it.

I added a dozen quart and pint size jars to the shelf that was above our daughter's black board area for storing small things. 

Of course I had to have a little Lambie goodness in there some where.

                              I am repurposing Jana's old gum ball machine for small yarn balls.

                                   You will remember the old shelf I salvaged from one of the barns. 

And this is a piece from an old ladder I found in one of the barns. I hung my farm quilt on it.


  1. I LOVE it! and I love fixing up a special room like that. I have enjoyed my little sewing room so much. It is my place to get away from this "hunting lodge" and animals on the walls. :) Your room is so bright and cheerful. The lambs in your last post are adorable. I did not know there could be quads! That is amazing!

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