Thursday, February 6, 2014

Toys and Tools

I've been wanting and needing a new ball winder for some time now.  Dreaming might be a good word for it.  I have been thankful for the one I have that was given to me by a friend who has helped me in so many ways as I have begun this woolly adventure, its just that it is nearly worn out.  So when I saw this beauty listed on a wool and fiber group over on Face Book I jumped on it really quick like.


I had finally been feeling up to doing some spinning and had worked up these lovely shades of grey from my little Miss Tina.


And I admit the couple days I had to wait to make up my first super sized ball of yarn were just torture. It actually came in the mail two days early- when does that ever happen?  Then I had to wait a day before I could get to town due to our last snow and ice.  It was worth the wait though.  Isn't she lovely?


Here's just one more picture with my wool combs next to it to help get the idea just how big this puppy is.  14 ounces.   


I've spun up just a bit more of the darker shade and do believe I will start a vest.  I can see it in my mind already.  

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