Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beauty in the Ordinary

I'm really getting down to the nubbins in my fleece supply.  I have been blending some alpaca with what I have left from my little flock to try to make it stretch a bit.  Tonight I was in the back room rumaging around hoping to find maybe just a bit more in a bag hidden under something so I can satisfy this un-understandable need to spin something.  If you don't have that, you will by no means understand it.  If you do share that malady, you know exactly what I'm talking about.


Thankfully I came across a few ounce of fuzzy loveliness.


I'm honestly not for sure exactly who this is, as it was just a bit in a bag.  It looks like maybe some of my Finn fineness.


While I was trying to figure out who it is, hubby came back and caught me staring at it, touching it, and taking pictures of it.  (He is used to this by now, believe me.  He was not surprised at all.)  He just said, "Oh.  You're looking at wool."  I had to hand him some and spend a moment or two telling him just how amazingly beautiful it is, how fine it is. 

He took it, looked at it, and answered, "Wow, this is just the way their hair grows."  

Maybe not as inthralled as I am, but he did see the beauty in nature.  Those tiny little crimpy curls of softens just get me every time.


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