Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happier Days

After the loss of Liza's triplets it was so nice to be greated with this little fellow.  I had put Hazel up just sure she was going to get her lambs and was checking on her regularly.  At 1:30 this morning I ran down to check her and heard that distinct Mommy/Baby talk coming from someone just outside the shed.  There was Fleecia and this little guy.  I knew she was gonna get him soon, but I thought Hazel was first in line.


He is as cute as a button and seems more like his Shetland momma than his Finn daddy.  I do so wish he had been a she.  I don't plan to keep him, so if anyone out there in Blogland is interested in the little guy he will be for sale.  He would make a great fiber pet.  


Momma did a great job with him and I'm so thankful it all went ok.  Now we are waiting on Hazel and Ethel.  After that we have all our little girls who possibly might be breed, but I'm not holding my breath with them.

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