Friday, February 21, 2014

A Sad Sad Story

I knew Liza was getting close her time.  I had started checking on her multiple times a day and when I saw the weather front moving in I was sure it would happen yesterday.  By three in the afternoon she was for sure trying to have babies.  By 4:30 I called my friend and neighbor who came and helped me check her.  She was opened up, but not dilated enough.  A couple hours later I checked her again and she was just moving too slowly.  I called the vet and met her at the clinic around 8 o'clock.  She she was able to manipulate things a bit and get in to pull babies.  Unfortunately we lost all three.  One was born with defects and wouldn't have made it.  The other two were just perfect.  One  was a little white ram lamb that looked just like his daddy Horrible and a gorgeous little black ewe that was perfectwith scrumptious BFL looking fleece.  They just couldn't get that first breath that they needed after waiting so long to be born.

This is just part of farm life.  Its really just part of life in this world.  I know it is to be expected, though it is never enjoyed.  It always makes me stop and remember how sin entered this world and the results of it.  It also makes me forever grateful for our Savior who came to save us from a sinful world.

I have lots to learn as a shepherddress and though I got a huge crash course lastnight, I'm grateful for neighbors and vets who are helpful.  I feel more confident in handling problems in the future and though it is sad, it is still just part of life on a farm.  This morning I am just so happy to see Liza up and eating.  She is my sweetheart and I didn't lose her.  There is much to be grateful for.


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