Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our View From the Window


This is the lovely view we had from our familyroom window this morning.  It is quite beautiful out, but I find myself content just peeking out through the window of our nice warm house, very happy to not be out in it.

It will be a day of knitting and relaxing for me.  Our son  though, is trying to get out to the St Louis airport as he has a flight to China to catch at 6 in the morning for his work.  So the fellows are working on our driveway to get it cleared.  We live one half of a mile off the county road and while I do truely love it, it can make it a little hard to get out in these blizzard conditions.

In the mean time I keep at it on the sweater.  I'm definitely going to have enough yarn to finish the sleeves.  Sigh......



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