Friday, January 3, 2014


It's warmed up to 27 here today and I just got in from giving everyone a little extra afternoon grain for a snack since it is so cold and breaking the water in their troughs.  I also brought in 3 wheel barrels of wood onto the back porch in preperation for the snow that is coming.  Sunday they are calling for 8 inches or more of snow and Monday's high will be 4 degrees. 

 Sometimes this winter weather can make me long for those days long ago when we were missionaries and lived close to the beach in Nayarit.  We celebrated the new year in 2000 by taking the kids swimming.  Not so here in good ole frosty Missouri.  

Since we don't have a fire place, I came in from doing the afternoon chores and lit a few candles.  That made it seem a little more back to my knitting.  I have all afternoon to myself, sigh.  :)


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