Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mindless Knitting

I really ended up quite sick yesterday with a temp of almost 101 and feeling dreadfully achy all over.  Today I have been tired and lazy, a bit more lazy than tired honestly.  If I do much of anything I feel whipped out quickly.  So it's been a day for what I call mindless knitting and Netflix.  Lately I have been watching the Murdoch Mysteries.  They are clean, though the kids call them hokey.

Here's my bit of knitting.  It's the last of this yarn that I have.  It has been fun all the way around.  It was fun to spin, has sold very well, and has knit up great.  This one will be going to the shop soon, unless someone nabs it before the roads get clear and I can get to town to drop it off.


                          Hope everyone keeps warm and safe in this dreadful weather.

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