Friday, January 10, 2014

A Little Activity

I'm finally feeling better.  I'm sure it was the flu as the morning I came down with it was the same morning I finishd up a round of antibiotics from a sinus infection and I also had all the tell tale signs;  was terribly achy,  fever, and a very unhappy stomach.  So glad that is over and that I felt up to doing a little more today though.

I actually think I did a bit too much, even though I only did a little bit.  That is I did a litttle cooking, a little bit of outside chores,a little bit of laundry, a little wool combing, a little wool dyeing, a little carding, and a little spinning.  

Here is the result of the dye bath.   I had a hard time starting to spin this.  It just looked so neat the way it was.  I do believe dyeing batts is about my favorite part of the entire process, next to baby lambs being born of course, but we have a month or two still to wait on that.


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