Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Needle Punch Rugs 

A couple years ago I learned to knit and soon after that I learned to spin.  Last year we were able to purchase our first sheep.  Now I'm learning to make Needle Punch rugs.  I purchased a small rather cheap punch needle before Christmas and realized how much I enjoy this, so I used some of my Christmas gift from our son Eli and bought an Oxford Punch.  That makes a world of difference.  I also quickly outgrew the small hoop frame that I had picked up and decided to just staple the rug into an old window frame.  That is working quite well and it looks cute when I'm not working on it, but just have it leaned up against the wall in the family room.

My first rug design


My second rug.  This one was inspired by Amos.    

Amos, Horrible, and Ellie May

Amos looks like he almost has a heart on his rear.  He and Horrible, our ram, are pretty good buddies with Ellie May.

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  1. Great rugs! I can't wait to try my Oxford punch. Thanks for stopping by. :-)