Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pretty in Pink

I've been way too busy lately with dad in the hospital, trying to get started on building fence, shearing sheep, and helping our youngest get ready for her big move to CA to be with her hubby, but I did manage to get a little spinning in.

I do believe I love this one.  It will be for sale over on our farm page on Facebook.  I have to admit, I hope it sells or might just HAVE to knit something up for myself with it.  I have enough to spin up two skeins of this.  I'm not normally really into pink, but this one I really like.  There is just a touch of sparkle in the fiber, some pinks, and then a little bit of brown from Terrible my Finn ram, plied up with a tiny boucle and two pink threads and a button here and there.  Oh my, the more I type, the more I like it.