Sunday, March 13, 2016

Woolie Adventures

Our youngest will be getting married and moving out soon and I have to admit I am looking forward to turning her bedroom into my terribly, awfully, gloriously,  long awaited sewing room.  I remember when we were building the house, one day I stood in that unfinished room and thought to myself,  "Some day when the kids are grown and gone this will be my room."  Oh how that seemed like it would be ages before that day would get here, but now I realize it is almost upon us and though it will be bitter sweet, we are determined to make the best of this new chapter in life.

So I have started a few little projects to use as decorations when the day finally comes.

I know there is a real difference between "wooly" and "woolie" but I have so much fun  and get so lost in what I'm doing, that sometimes I'm just sure I must be on a "woolie" adventure.

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