Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mr Twister

It's honestly hard to express how much I love this little man.  Over the last year he has become my constant companion and friend.  As we are soon to enter a new, and long awaited, phase in life known as the empty nest, this little guy has really become our buddy.

He is a year old now and we are continuing his education at the K-9 Training Center.  I think I enjoy his classes as much as he does.  Today we were out among the sheeples and he did such a fine job of maintaining a set stay and down stay even though last year's bottle babies (who know no fear of anything) kept pestering him.  My dream is to some day train him in the art of tending sheep and helping us out as we expand our pastures and will be moving the sheep regularly to new areas so we hopefully keep them healthier and more parasite free.

In the mean time we have a lot to learn, but hopefully he can live up to his heritage as a true German Shepherd.


  1. Beautiful dog, and I really like his short coat!

  2. My goodness! He is absolutely beautiful! Just read your posts I had missed. You did such a good job on the sweet little purple blanket and elephant. Can't wait to see the baby lambs.

  3. Several weeks ago the drug dogs made a sweep at our school. I think it's to discourage more than find, but anyway, the K-9 who came into my classroom looked just like Mr. Twister. What a beautiful, big guy! And he was very polite and well-behaved!