Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sheep Threads

I received a new sewing machine for my Christmas/Anniversary present this year and have enjoyed it so much.  I have bee able to finish up a number of projects, one of which was finally making a thread catcher pin cushion.  I've always thought these were so cute and the idea of tossing the thread tidbits in there has to be better than "aiming" at the box I keep under the sewing table.  Of course I managed to get a sheep worked into the project.

              I saw quilt blocks similar to this over on Pinterest and adapted the idea for this project.


  1. I really do like the thread catcher/pin cushion. I've never heard of one, but your's is so cute! I keep a small trashcan by the sewing table.. My hands are so dry from working outside, most of the time the tread don't want to leave my fingers. :) Drives me crazy!

  2. Thanks, I keep a large box under the sewing table, but most things end up on the floor. Hopefully this will help. I've made three of them now. One for a friend and one for our daughter who is getting married next month.