Friday, October 3, 2014

Esther Love

                         This picture really says it all.  Esther loves me and I love Esther.  

    I was down trimming up the girl's feet and Esther had to be front and center the whole time.


She's just a little jealous if Mom shows anyone else attention, so we had to stop and have Esther time between each of the girl's pedicures.


She even wanted the crook.  She said it wasn't fair I never played with her with the shepherds crook.

                                                                   Silly ole Esther. 


  1. After a comment reflecting parallel universes I just HAD to track down your blog! What took me so long? friendly sheep, fiber play, Bible study – sounds like we have a lot in common. Now following. Where is Mt. Devon?

  2. We are located in south east Missouri in the beautiful Ozarks. Thanks so much for following.