Monday, August 11, 2014

Cleaning with a Purpose

After more than 15 years home educating our children I finally stored away all those 7 Rubber Maid tubs of books into storage, to be held there till grandchildren can hopefully use them someday.  Other books were loaned out to dear friends to be used now with their kids.  Then I cleaned and pitched and pitched and cleaned.  It was amazing the amount of bags of trash that went into the trash pit to be burned.  When all was said and done it was so worth it though.


I managed to create a bigger wool working area on one end of the family room. When we built the house I had that area all tiled so that someday I could use it for such.  Hard to believe that day is here already.


I managed to find most of the items that I am using to decorate with down in the old barns.  I really don't know what the wooden pegs were originally used for, but this is what I've been saving it for.


We also acquired "new to us" furniture for the family room.  It is a large sectional plus a couch with a queen sized hide-a-bed.  This will be so nice when we have all the family in over the holidays and ect.


On the other end of the room I'm working on this arrangement. I have a bit to finish it yet, but I think I'm liking it.  The old window came from the barn and the other piece is a section from an old door that I painted with chalkboard paint. 



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