Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New to the Flock

I have been waiting rather impatiently to announce the new arrivals, but then once they were finally here we have all been so sick wth this nasty respiratory virus that it's taken me a few days to post anything about them.  I have enjoyed them though and they are such pretty little things.


We were able to add 6 registered Finns to our little flock.  Little ram lamb will be going to a new home, but the 5 girls are here to stay.


    This is Gibbie up front with Daisie behind her and little Hadassah peeking out from between them.


                                          Then there is Rosie and little Myrtle.


                         Myrtle of course stands out with those beautiful piebald markings.

Everyone seems to have made the trip from Michigan just fine and to be adjustiing well.  Rosie got a hair cut today and Daisie will be getting one soon.  Then in a few more days they will be joining the rest of the flock.


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