Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Full Wool Day

Finally able to get the boy's hair cut and back out with the girls.  Amos was terrible about it all, but Horrible was an angel.  


When they got to go back with the rest of the flock, Horrible imediatly went a courting but Clementine decided she was having nothing to do with Amos being being back and picked on him furiously.  Finally they all calmed down and got back to the new luscious grass that they have been enjoying the last week or so.


After the shearing I enjoyed an afternoon alone as the hubby was at work and each of the kids were going different directions, so I dyed up some of Ethel with just a touch of little brown Lucy neck wool.  It is oh so soft and reminds me of the beautiful sunflowers that will soon be planted around the pool deck and across the end of the house.


These colors will mute and calm down quite a bit as I spin them.  If they will just hurry up and dry I will post some pictures of that soon.


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