Monday, March 24, 2014

Sadness Strikes Again

Yesterday, after a weekend of having family in,  we attended church and then I went with hubby to the nursing home where it was his Sunday to lead a service there.  Afterwards we enjoyed a delightful walk through my favorite antique mall and then a little shopping.  We had no luck finding the cotton burr compost I was looking for, but we did finally pick up some things we needed at Lowe's. Let me tell you, it was exciting.

Then after a milk run we made it home to find a little preemie down in the sheep shed.  She was alive, but so tiny.  Her eyes were not open and her teeth were not in yet.  I really didn't think she would make it, but I had to try.  We rushed her into a warm bath and got her body temp up, then got some colostrum down her.  After that she came to life and really wanted to nurse.  I let myself think maybe, just maybe, she might make it.  At the three o'clock feeding she didn't nurse as well and at the 5 o'clock feeding she had slipped away.

I don't think will post a picture.  She was a precious little white girlie.  We had names picked out, but I'm glad I didn't let anyone really give her one.  This is all part of farm life, it's actually just part of life in general you know.  You try, you trust, then you choose to move on.  I will not concentrate on what I have lost but what I have gained this year.  I have gained so much experience and have had 6 little lambies added to our flock.  This Fall we may be able to have a few more, but if not, I will be satified and content. I will be  grateful.

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