Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Sew So So

I've always enjoyed sewing.  I've pretty much been sewing since I was a small child, I'll never forget the morning I was cutting out a piece of fabric on my parents bed and sliced right through their sheets.  When we were young and getting married, I made the outfits for our wedding day.  (It was non-traditional)  Then I sewed for the children and I've made various quilts.  Now I seem to sew for the sheep more than I've ever sewn before, especially mending.  I just never like mending and could never really say why.  It's actually just sewing.

If the kids had been as hard on their clothes as my sheep I'm sure they would have been in so much trouble, but not these little furry critters.  I just chuckle, grab the jacket out of the mud, patch it up real quick, and try to run out there and get it back on them before they get dirty.

                                 The boys especially look so good in their camouflage.   


I recently had to patch up Horrible's jacket again.  He didn't seem to appreciate it, but stuck his tongue out at me afterwards.  Kids now days!

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