Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Of Sheeples and Peoples

This Fall we have enjoyed letting the sheep graze in the yard a few times now that the flowerbeds are finished and the vegetable garden is gone.  Its fun to look out the window and see them meandering around the yard and every once in a while I go out on the porch and whistle for them.  (And yes, I have a distinct whistle for them which is different than how I whistle for Ellie May). 


When I do they all come running right up onto the porch expecting to find me with their favorite treat, a big handful of peanuts.


I don't know about you but I never have much luck herding my sheep.  When I try to push them a certain direction it never goes well.  Usually Ethel and Hazel take off like crazy ladies, Clementine comes gimping along at her forever SLOW pace, Horrible is interested in any given one of his girls, and the others are more taken up with what might be in my pockets than where I had intended for them to go, but if I call them they will follow me just about anywhere I want to lead them.


This got me to thinking about how we are and about our Good Shepherd.  He doesn't drive us from behind but leads us, and those of us who know Him know that He always has just what we need and will feed us and care for us.  Before I purchased our little flock I read A Shepherd Looks at Psalms 23 by Phillip Keller.  This is a really great book and I highly recomend it and others of his works.


I enjoy my sheep so much and am so grateful for all they have taught me.  One thing for sure, I have learned to keep plenty of peanuts on hand!


                              Because Little Miss Tina is not happy when the peanuts run out.

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