Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Few of my Thankful Things

Now don't get me wrong, I have so much in my life to be thankful for; my salvation, my family, the Lord's faithful provision in our lives, and much much more.  But today as I was cleaning and getting ready for our family Thanks Giving this Sunday, I couldn't help but stop and think about the sweet pleasure of how much I enjoy our home and am so grateful for it.  After so many years on the mission field I never dreamed we would ever settle in one place or own a home.  I think I am most grateful for having been able to build it ourselves- every board and nail, and let me tell you there are lots of boards and nails that go into a house. 

I am also so grateful for the Lord allowing me to have been able to make so many things that we have.  They are by for my favorites.  I so much prefer something crafted by hand than purchased from a big box store.  So here are a few of my little thankfuls.  


I just love this area in our kitchen.  We have a large open floor plan where we are frequently able to have people in our home and share meals and fellowship.


Though I didn't make the mug it is by far my favorite and was made by a fellow shephedress so I left it in the photo with my little welcome plate.


This little sign on top of my hutch is another little item I was able to paint.  I also made the 
Ittle felted owl in the corner.


I decorate a lot with old pictures of family.  I also enjoy being able to quilt a bit here and there.


In the family room I like this wall best.  It houses my drum carder, swift, and wool related things.  I made the rug that hangs above the table and also the one of Amos in the picture below.


In the daybed room we have one of our favorite things.  It is probably something that has done more to preserve our marriage than any other item we own.  Years back as we started getting older and snoring more and more we consisitantly found one of us sleeping on the couch each night, so I designed this daybed from some old doors I found down in the barns.


Above it is another of my folky paintings that I made that represents some of what we have valued most in our lives, a church (or our relationship with the Lord),  a home, and an old fashioned school which represents the years that we home educated our children.



In our room I just love the simple bookshelf headboard that hubby made for us. There is also a small matching bookshelf that goes with it.  I enjoyed making the wall hanging above our bed from a picture I found in a magazine. 


Long before I ever had my sheep I guess I already loved them as I notice how many are here and there in some of the things I have made.  The window painting hangs above this little red bench that I made with the help our our son years ago.


It is just a simple little bench but it is always stacked with great reading materials.  There is also this wall hanging with Corinthians 13 on it in our master bath.  There has been many a times when my world was unhappy or topsy turvy and reading this simple sampler has reminded me what I really need to be.


Last of all is a photo of my messy wall in the sewing room.  It has left overs from project past and unfinished projects that I will get back to someday.  Everyone needs a creative area. I think my whole house is one and that is what I enjoy most about it.


Things, even neat home made things just mean you have a pretty house.  I am most thankful for the love of the Lord that can take someone like us and work in us and our family and give us a beautiful home.

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  1. I am Thankful that I can call you my friend,Sherial :) I love your frugal creativity! I really love the rug that says wool and the Amos rug :) so beautiful!! Happy Thanksgiving, Friend!!