Monday, September 9, 2013

Spin, knit, and B Luv

Recently I mentioned posting about some knitting that I've done.  Well, when I knit the project usually starts off with shearing the sheep.  I know other people just go to the store and buy yarn.  That seems way to easy.

Here is a bit of Ethel all dyed and ready to spin.

I spun it up, rather thick into this.

The last time I was over visiting our grand baby I knit this up for him.


I call him B.  Isn't he cute!  He'll be one soon, so I'm working on some birthday presents.  Don't you think a little hat and some crocks will go well with that vest?

Now I think I will have to make him some socks to go with it.   Having grand babies is so much fun. 

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