Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spin It Up

I enjoy spinning.  I enjoy spinning a lot.  Sometimes I watch TV while I spin, lately its been Call the Midwife on Netflix.  Sometimes I listen to a book or the Bible.  I'm working on 2 Samuel now.  Frequently I find it gives me time to set and think and pray.  Now matter what I'm doing I enjoy my time spinning.

This weekend I decided to take a handful of various fleeces that I have and just make up some batts with no preconceived idea as to how they "should" turn out.

Less than 24 hours later this is what I had, 8 oz and about 250 yards of lovely soft squishiness.  Though the colors are all natural they reminded me of our local school colors of black and gold.

I posted it for sale and it didn't last long, which is good I suppose.  If it had sat on the shelf for long I think it would have ended up on my own knitting needles before the week was out.

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