Friday, April 19, 2013

A Fine Fiber Day

 I've been getting a lot done lately.  We've worked outside putting in another lasagna bed for veggies, taking care of new lamb babies, mowing, and washing fleece, among other things.  But yesterday was just a fine fiber day.  I got two fleece washed, plied 5.7 oz of 3ply fingering weight yarn, played with a new dye technique, and went junkin' with Jana and found two white granite dye pots in nearly perfect condition.  

This is Amos my piebald Finn wether.  I just love his fleece.

This is Fleecia, one of my new little gals.  She is a shetland cross. 
Here's a pic of her fleece up close with tog and thel separated.

This was a fun little dye experiment.  I had to play with my new dye pots.

I've been looking for white granite ware stock pots without any chips in them for some time now.  I found these while out junkin' with Jana and both were marked down.  I was able to purchase the two of them for under 20$.  Yeah!

5.7 oz of yarn plied from two strands of dark blue Merino-x and one of natural brown from my new little ewe Liza who is BFL/Finn.  I haven't measured it yet, but it looks really nice.  The pile of for sale yarn is growing.  I'm hoping to get a little more stocked up and then re-open my Etsy Store.

Like I said, this was a mighty fine fiber day.

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